About Us

"Love is a Four-Legged Word". Founded by pet lovers for pet pawrents/ lovers. AJ Spaw was born from the merging of people that truly care about dogs. Our team is committed to provide an amazing experience for your pet, in a peaceful environment designed to minimize stress. Our high-end spaw and pet boutique is located on Yonge Street, minutes away from Davisville and Eglinton Station. We offer all types of pet grooming services for dogs based on 15 years experience (Dog Groomer/ Pet First Aid Certified). We also offer unique organic treats, raw food and accessories for your furry friend!



    The glow-up include bath, brush, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary grooming, and a fabulous haircut.

    Small $85
    Small-Medium $90
    Medium $100
    Large Natural Coat $120
    Large $135
    Extra Large $150 and up


    Includes a refreshing bath, thorough brushing, gentle drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, tidy feet, sani and perfectly trimmed face.

    Small $75
    Small-Medium $80
    Medium $90
    Large $120


    Rejuvenating bath, quick brush, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Your pet will feel clean and fresh!

    Small $55
    Small-Medium $60
    Medium $75
    Large $85

** X Large sizes: To be consulted. Please contact us in order to have an accurate price.
*** Prices are listed as "starting points" Prices could vary based on the size, condition, temperament


    No appointment needed for walk-in services

    Nail Trim $15.50
    Tidy Feet+Pads $20.00
    Ear Cleaning $10.00
    Teeth Brushing $5.00
    Anal Gland $10.00
    Face Trim $15.00
    Bang & Eye Trim $10.00
    Sanitary Area Trim $15.00


    Perfect mix of playtime, rest, and socialization.

    Half day $28
    Full day $45
    Packs Available


    Treats, raw food, kibbles, toys, colors, leash and much more!

Matting Policy: Consent Form Required: Matting can cause significant discomfort and health issues for dogs. To address this, we have a strict matting policy: Consent Form: If your dog is matted, you will be required to sign a matting consent form upon arrival at the store. This form acknowledges that you understand the risks and necessary procedures involved in grooming a matted dog, which may include shaving and potential skin irritation.
Aging Policy: No New Customers Over 12 Years Old: As part of our commitment to providing the best possible care, we have decided not to accept new customers whose pets are over 12 years old. This policy is in place to ensure that we can devote the necessary time and attention to our senior pet clients, who often require more specialized care.


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Appointments can be booked by:
Phone: (416)487-6406
Email: info@ajspaw.ca